Image courtesy of McGrath Wollongong.

Image courtesy of McGrath Wollongong.



Colour choice can be daunting, and getting it wrong, frustrating and expensive.

What may at first seem like a straightforward decision can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Dulux have over 4,000 colours to choose from and over 150 colours in their 'Whites and Neutrals' range alone. It can be a mighty task choosing just one colour for a room let alone the scheme for an entire home.

I will help you put the confusion to one side and will work with you to discover which colours will work best for you and your environment.  You will be guided through the options and be part of the process of elimination to give confidence in your final colour choices.

At the end of the consultation you will know that your colour scheme is the perfect complement to your lifestyle and environment.


Colour can really divide opinion. Most people have an idea of the colours they like and an even stronger idea of those they don't.  With an exterior colour, there is nowhere to hide, so a consultation with a colour professional is the best way to create a cohesive look and one that you will be happy with and proud to call your own.

There are so many elements such as light, environment and a variety of materials to take into account with exteriors that making the correct colour choice can become even more challenging.

I understand what a huge investment colour choices are for an exterior and have experience in getting the most out of traditional and contemporary buildings to create a cohesive finish.

I can also help advise on the sometimes endless array of materials for new builds, to ensure that the you get the perfect look to your new building, with the confidence you will have the kerb appeal you desire.